Our company






Amister company creates more free time for mankind which can be used for higer-level goals. Time saved in that way may be spent on improvement and optimisation of quality and current processes.  


A perfect location of Amister company contributes to a very good cooperation. A quick connection to clients practically means a rapid on-site maintenance action, which nowadays translates into minimising production losses, and therefore considerable savings.  

Amister company is located only 1 km away from the A1 motorway entrance, thanks to which the road to the whole Europe is open. 

Additionally, Katowice Airport is only 15 minutes away from our headquarters, which in turn opens the possibility of cooperation worldwide.

Our services

We provide comprehensive services in the range of: 

- Industrial automation,
- PLC programming,
- Robotics,

- SCADA visualisation systems,
- Vision systems,
- MES class systems,
- Industrial informatics, data collecting and archiving,,
- S5 into S7 migration,
- Service, trainings.

    Our offer:

    - consultancy on the development of technical assumptions,,
    - execution of system electrical project,
    - control systems software (PLC controllers of Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc),
    - equipment delivery and control systems installation with launching at the client’s site,
    - staff training in maintenance and operation of installed devices,
    - maintenance of ongoing and existing installations,    
    - services for design and implementation of stations on production lines. 

    Our clients

    The products manufactured by Amister company are mainly automated special machines, machine prototypes and manual workstations. The main fields of activity of Amister company are automotive branch, food industry and home appliances. 

    As for automotive branch, we have participated in projects conducted in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, China, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Our largest clients:

    Our potential and our offices

    We have a team of 70 highly qualified professionals. 

    We possess:

    - own PLC programming, robotics and IT/MES departments

    - own construction department working on the latest systems as Solid 3D and AutoCad Inventor. 

    - own design department working on the latests systems as E-PLAN P8.

    - own mechanical engineering department,

    - own CNC machining centre,

    - own cutting-edge offices and production hall.