Automated welding and spot welding cells

The mission of our company is to facilitate work in series production of many kinds of products. Currently, welding and spot welding are particularly onerous for workers. The biggest advantage of robot application is repeatability and achieved quality of welding and spot welding

The components used: ITEM, BOSCH, Festo, Destaco, Siemens, IFM, MURR, Turck, Balluff, Rittal, Phoenix Contact, Keyence, Cognex, Sick, Pilz, ARO, Tucker, Fronius, SKS, Migatronic.



Welding and spot welding automation

Taking care of workplace safety and ergonomics, as an innovative company we are implementing robots for such tasks. The worker arrays elements in our matrix which ensures precise geometry and arrangement of elements. Properly arranged, blocked by DESTACO, FESTO actuators and counted, they turn to the robot ( FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA, ABB, KAWASAKI) and welding or spot welding starts. The robot zone is separated from the loading zone where people work. Over the robots there are hoods extracting  the fumes generated by welding or stop welding. We use power sources of such renowned companies as Fronius, SKS, Migatronic perfectly cooperating with the well-known robots of Fanus, Yaskawa, ABB and Kawasaki. Welding is completed by ARO Technologies spot welders which are in our offer.

    2 welding matrices Manhattan type delivery

    Examples of our installations are 2 welding matrices cooperating with ABB robots designed, built and launched by us. The matrices are used to weld different types of seats. The types of seats are selected on the operating panel with additional safety measure - the Poka-Yoke system of initiators for controlling correctly arranged elements of the seat. In this project we constructed the whole matrix in Solid 3D program and created it mechanically on a CNC machine connecting it electrically and pneumatically. The last phase of production was to connect it to a Siemens controller and a compressor for thorough testing. Only after the 24h-test the matrices were installed and programmed. Next, the robots and welding machines were programmed. the whole geometry of the matrix was set and fusions were made to meet the quality norms of the end customer. 

    Installation and programming of 2 welding cells

    A large project was to build and launch 2 automatic welding stations. Each welding cell consists of 3 robots and an ABB welding positioner and Fronius power sources. The whole machine is operated by a S7 -1500 PN FailSafe controller with a large  TP1500 operating panel and matrix visualisation on 32” screens. Both cells operate with 8 exchangeable matrices the sum of which equals 8 items. 


      Gallery - Installation and programming of 2 welding cells

      Welding cell restoration

      A challange was to restore the whole cabin which was running for 10 years and had to be adjusted to a new project for subsequent years. The whole control system was replaced for a new electric cabinet with a new controller and new control panels. The robots were thoroughly inspected with lubrication, painting and calibration. New matrices were built with the software for robots and controllers. 



        Construction of welding and spot welding matrices

        Examples of projects executed in cooperation with other big companies. In order to enhance the possibilities of our company we also cooperate with other companies nationwide, which enables us to execute very big projects in short time. In such cooperation we take care of all electrical issues as well as of automatics, robotics, purchases, connection and launching with a safety certificate.

        Automatic cross table for a welding machine

        Another example in welding  is a cross table for a welding machine. Originally, the welding machine could weld only in one position but had to be adjusted to weld nuts to sheetings in 4 different positions. The solution was to add a cross table moved by servo motors with controllers. Due to this solution the tables moved to a randomly programmed position in which the welding machine welded. After reading the ready signal the table moved to another position.