Manual or semi-automatic assembly stations

The mission of our company is to facilitate work in series production of many different kinds of products. On such stations manual assembly with automation elements is performed. Actuators, presses, automatic riveting machines, screw guns serve to facilitate the assembly and enhance the quality of the product. Additional safety measures as machine vision such as PokaYoke, Pick to Light Sick, CCTV cameras and vision sensors prevent from errors during assembly. The safety of a human is controlled by a safety system consisting of light curtains and two-handed safety switches. 


Components for constructing stations

For construction of stations Amister Company uses the top-quality components which are produced by the renowned companies:

Construction: ITEM, BOSCH

Pneumatics: Festo, Destaco

Controls: Siemens, IFM, MURR, Turck, Balluff

Electric components: Rittal, Phoenix Contact

Vision systems: Keyence, Cognex

Safety systems: Sick, Pilz

Screwing: Atlas Copco, Apex DGD, Bosch

Riveting: Avdel, Huck, radial riveting machines Baltec, KMT

Presses: TOX, Kistler with pressing path and force measurement,

Welding, hardfacing: ARO, Tucke


    Oil emptying

    A semi-automatic stations serving to suck out the oil from the manufactured element. 

    Bolting with torque and angle measurement for Torque Plate

    The tightening and loosing workstation of the ‚Torque Plate’ element from the engine block. The workstations possess synoptic tables (with a two-coloured LED diodes) prompting the worker which bolt should be loosened/tightened, loosening/tightening control indicating which bolt is currently being processed (nutrunner position in two axes X and Y) and a possibility of switching the tightening settings (various torques in different phases of the process). APEX electric wrenches. Leading the wrenches on HIWIN rails and SIRA Italian balancers. 

      Manual seat rail assembly station

      The station serves to screw rails which is made with an AtlasCopco screw gun with a full control of the required torque and revolutions. Proper assembly is controlled by a Siemens controller and a set of inductive, laser and vision sensors. 

        Manual seat rail assembly station

        Manual seat back assembly stations

        Standardowo nad poprawnym montażem czuwa sterownik Siemens typu S7-300, S7-1200 lub S7-1500 z panelem operatorskim Siemens KTP300 lub TP900. Dla pełnego śledzenia produktu opcjonalnie montujemy czytniki EKS/KABA, służące do logowania pracowników, w celu ich identyfikacji i przyporządkowania im numerów ID do montowanego produktu. Po poprawnym zmontowaniu drukowana jest naklejka z kodem DMC i opisem, która jest przyklejana na produkt w celu jego późniejszej identyfikacji. Dodatkowo wszystkie dane dotyczące montażu jak wartość momentu dokręcania, kąt dokręcania, ewentualnie siła i droga wprasowanego elementu, ID pracownika zostają zapisane na serwerze danych i są dostępne przez przeglądarkę internetową.


        Typically, correct mounting is supervised by the Siemens controller type S7-1200 or S7-1500 with Siemens operating panel type KTP300 or TP900. For a complete tracing of the product optionally we install EKS/KABA readers to log the employees for identification and assign their ID numbers to the installed product. After a proper installation, a DMC code and a description label are printed and put on the product for further identification. In addition, all data concerning the assembly, e.g. tightening torque value, tightening angle, possible pressing force, pressing-in path of the element and worker's ID are stored on a data server and available via a web browser.

          Gallery - assembly stations

          Pressing-in with path and force measurement

          A semi-automatic stations used for a controlled pressing-in of elements. The pressing-in is controlled by Kistler elements. 

            Gallery - pressing-in stations

            Innovative manual assembly station

            The station is based on the ITEM system and is distinguished by height adjustment and adapting optimal work conditions for the worker. 

            The above mentioned station serves to mount clips. 

            Innovative manual assembly station

            The station is based on the ITEM system and is distinguished by height adjustment and adapting optimal work conditions for the worker. 

            The above mentioned station serves to install gaskets.