The mission of our company is to facilitate work in serial production of many kinds of products. Nowadays, particularly problematic for workers are repeatable tasks requiring concentration, precision and maintaining the quality. In order to enable a 100% quality control we use vision systems of the renowned manufacturers: IFM, Keyence, Cognex, Sick.

Silicone path control application

The application conducts a complete analysis of the sealant and visualises  the results. Depending on the obtained results of the measurements, the further assembly process of the engine is continued or the engine is put aside as a faulty one. 

    Silicone application quality control

    Cognex-based vision systems - a cogwheel control

    Vision system installation in the existing automatic station for coghweel control

      Keyence camera-based vision systems - reading the DataMatrix label

      Installation of stations reading the DataMatrix codes on the engine production line. The read-out codes were used for a complete tracing the assembled elements. All data is recorded on the RFID data carrier and then transferred to the global database of the manufactured engines. 


      Automatic DataMatrix code reading system from injectors

      The system possesses a travel gear based on a servomotor and therefore only one Cognex camera is sufficient. 

      Engine mounted elements recognition system

      Automatic station for recognising mounted elements in engines by means of Cognex camera. 


      Sick cameras application examples

      The system recognised the elements placed by the worker and then correlated them with the manufacturing assumptions. In the presented examples the Sick Inspector i50 vision system was used.