Household appliances industry

We have been successfully implementing projects for the household appliances industry for many years. Our projects are fully tailored to the specifics, individual needs and nature of the production process of components and final household appliances. Among our regular customers there are global companies from the household appliances industry.

Solutions for household appliances industry

The solutions that we have built during many years of cooperation with clients from the household appliances industry include:

Pull System

An extensive modular system for the implementation and management of parts deliveries for the production process in real time. Efficient transport management and replenishment of containers (GLT and pallets) for the production area, applications for forklift and vehicle operators, management of production buffer levels and communication with ERP class systems are just some of the system’s capabilities and functions.

Self-ordering rack

A rack equipped with wireless sensors that, when combined with software, ensure smooth and automatic replenishment of components in small containers (KLT).


An application for designing and managing warehouse areas (including inter-department buffers) in a 2D and 3D model (gravity and rack).

Automated quality control applications through vision systems.



Automatic OEE and reasons for downtime coming directly from the machine software. Convenient downtime statistics and business data. The application consists of a visualization part and a dedicated report.




modular software built to combine data from various sources aimed at determining the production genealogy, product traceability and automatic production accounting.

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