We offer a simple tool to optimize the work of operators. These are electronic manuals that are easy to manage.

Among others, it allows to control manual processes in the production process. Basic control consists of:

  • monitoring the time of manual operations, which enables to compare actual values with normative data,
  •  reporting the reading of instructions by specific employees at individual positions.



System characteristics

  • knowledge tests,
  • andon (recall UR),
  • notifications (messages),
  • access control to the workstation,
  • handling failure reports,
  • quality reporting.

Objectives and benefits of using E-manuals

Ensuring the proper sequence and repeatability of assembly operations at a given position.
Verification of the knowledge of employees and their readiness to work on a given production position.
Updating the guidelines resulting from the instructions for performing assembly operations.
More efficient communication with the production department and a better flow of informing about the progress of their work, taking into account the time of a given cycle and efficiency parameters.

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