A distributed system that enables the delivery of components for assembly to production lines, in accordance with the calculated (in real time) demand. PullSystem calculates the demand for parts in such a way that the components are delivered at the right time. It is based on: production counters, current states of components on the lines and the production plan.

The expected demand for parts is presented on the tablets of the trolleys working in the warehouses and the trolleys delivering components to the lines. PullSystem enables integration with ERP systems and solutions that provide current data on the production process and plan. The system supports the truck operator in selecting the most urgent requirements and determines the route.

PullSystem - system features

What is PullSystem?

It is a parts distribution system for production lines.

Why PullSystem?

Pull System helps to simplify
and automate the process of handling
orders for components and their delivery.

Where is it worth to implement PullSystem?

At assembly stations in organized
and planned production plants.

PullSystem - objectives and benefits of use

Automation and scheduling of ordering and delivering components to production lines.
Optimisation of the costs associated with handling the transfer of parts between the warehouse and production.
Minimising the line inventory and streamlining warehouse management.
Monitoring the current production status and performing the statistics module.

System architecture

Central server

It processes production orders (production plan) from external sources (ERP systems) or defined within the system (administrator application).

It calculates (in real time) the demand of production stations for components (creation of orders).

It generates system messages related to system operation and the appearance of new components for installation.

A special feature of the server is its strong reactivity to external factors (configuration parameters, line corrections). As a result of sudden changes, e.g. in stocks, the system updates the demand and then introduces corrections to orders.


WEB application

It has many advantages for operators of vehicles transporting components between lines, including:

  • friendly, intuitive and multilingual user interface,
  •  the ability to view production levels on the lines,
  • in-system communicator.

The system administrator is given the ability to parameterize the system and enter certain production data:

  • parameterization of server operation (core),
  • registration of production data (parts, substitutes, manufacturers),
  • adding vehicles and their observation module,
  • production statistics module,
  • the ability to add employees and an in-system communicator.

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