SCADA/MES implementation services

We are experts in the field of visualization and process control. We provide the best quality services and products, we care about both their visual side and their functionality. We ensure integration of the system with other master systems (MES/ERP) and slave systems (control systems, other data sources).

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How does it work?

Our visualizations are designed according to the latest trends and good practices. As a part of our services, we also offer support and registration of production processes (MES systems). Since each process is different, we put in practice an individual approach to each client. Thanks to this, the implemented system can fully meet the functional requirements of the production plant.

Objectives and benefits of implementing a SCADA/MES system

Transparent process control.
Increase of operators’ operational awareness.
Access to archived data collected in one system.
Integration with MES and ERP systems.
Reduction of response time in an emergency situation.
Data delivery to master systems.

What is SCADA?

It is an acronym created from English: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, which can be translated as supervision and data acquisition. It is an IT system, master to the hardware layer (I/O modules, controllers), which allows you to control the process. The SCADA system collects raw process information from the control system, processes and visualizes them. Data can also be delivered to master systems – ERP and MES.

System features

Based on the visualization, you can monitor:

  • occurrence of alarms at a given time along with their history,
  • historical signal charts (trends),
  • queues of production orders with the ability to add new and edit current orders,
  • quality parameters,
  • performance and quality indicators – displayed in real time.

Reports give you the opportunity to:

  • analyse the data on the efficiency of the line, area, factory in the selected period,
  • filter results based on certain categories, e.g. by product type, deviations from the assumed goal, etc.,
  • generate reports online and send them by e-mail.

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