zużycie prądu w parku maszynowym

Knowledge base

Programowanie robotów i sterowników PLC, usługi elektromontażu, a także rozwiązania IT dla zakładów produkcyjnych. Poznaj ofertę firmy amiSter i wprowadź swój przemysł na poziom 4.0.

We create and modernize systems for industry automation

  • Programming of control systems.
  • Programming of robots.
  • Network configuration (Profinet, ProfiBus, Ethernet, ModBus).
  • Servicing of implemented and existing stations.

We implement projects both in Poland and abroad. The main area of amiSter’s activity is the European market.We successfully provide programming services in different countries including: Belgium, Czechia, Germany, France, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden.

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Electrical design of circuit diagrams and wiring of control cabinets

  • Composition of control systems for industrial automation.
  • Low-voltage switchgear.
  • Modernization of existing control cabinets and control systems.
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Production Portal

More than just a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The integration of modern IT solutions with machines enables e.g.
Acceleration of production planning.
Increased production efficiency.
Reduction of manufacturing costs.
Detection of bottlenecks and finding space for savings.
Reduction of cycle times.
Better human resources management.

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Logistics Platform

Effective storage management and timely delivery.

  • Optimum use of space – only components needed at the moment are at the production station.
  • Greater work efficiency and time savings – workers focus on specific tasks, unnecessary walking, handling, and transport are minimised.
  • Efficient monitoring and queueing – materials are issued and received according to the LIFO or FIFO principle.
  • Monitoring product expiry dates – automatic suggestions for issuing materials with the shortest expiry dates.
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Permanent access to the data and lower costs.

A web application combines data from multiple sources — measuring devices, other applications, internal services, external portals.

Use as: Data visualization tool, EMS (Energy Management System) class system, A solution for constant calculation of indicators based on the data from measurement systems.

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SCADA services

We deploy solutionscustomised to the processes performed at your specific production site.

Streamlined monitoring of industrial processes though automated control, visualisation of current and archival production data, digital reporting, and more. A modern solution can mean so much more, though – learn the possibilities for deploying a SCADA project with us!


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IT services

Dedicated IT solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Our team has knowledge of specific tools.

  • 90% Data visualization e.g. Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • 90% Databases including those from Microsoft SQL Server.
  • 80% Programming languages e.g. C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, TSQL/SQL, VBA.
  • 75% Web-backend e.g. ASP.NET, Entity framework core, WCF, Python (Django, Flask), Node.js (express.js).
  • 65% Communication standards and protocols e.g. OPC UA, Modbus, TCP/IP, UDP.
  • 60% Web-frontend e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, .NET (Blazor, Razor pages).
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